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    Toteuma is a software company founded in 2023 with a mission to help surveyors and infrastructure owners locate all pieces of underground infrastructure. We create software tools, that enable automatic data processing of surveying data. Our goal is to ease surveyors work by removing all data handling related tasks from them. Toteuma is both the name of the company and the name of our flagship product. We develop our software by ourselves, and we are eager to add functionalities that help our customers.

    Our team combines extensive data engineering expertise and industry knowledge to create tools that ease the burdens of infrastructure surveyors and owners by bringing modern data processing methodologies into the industry via our products in a easy-to-use manner.

    What led to the creation of Toteuma?

    Idea of Toteuma was born within the breakrooms of IT Faculty of Jyväskylä University. Oskari Juvonen, who has been constructing underground infrastructure for a decade and surveying it for 4 years, was describing the painpoints troubling him with contemporary solutions in the market. Couple of his student colleagues were listening nearby. His classmates were listening and seeing the problems from a different perspective. Jeremias Colliander, Data Scientist was seeing how many of the problems could be solved by proper data handling methodologies and Tuomas Kaleton, a Software Integration Developer was pondering why tools and software weren’t automating many of the steps of data processing. Through this the team set out to create tools that helped Oskari become increasingly more productive. After automating steps for while, an idea for full fledged service, that entails all the steps of data processing was being built

    At this point the team needed extra hands to carry the load of increasingly growing software project, at which point Topi Kanninen and Verneri Rönty joined the team. Development of current iteration of Toteuma began at start of 2023. First version of the product was launched June of 2023.

    In July 2023, the product was evaluated by an international panel of experts when the team was sent to represent Finland in the European Championship for university-driven startups. Toteuma is the JA European University Start-Up of the Year for 2023.

    "Nature can be defined through numbers" Descartes

    Meet the Team

    Oskari Juvonen

    Oskari Juvonen


    Jeremias Colliander

    Jeremias Colliander

    Lead Developer

    Topi Kanninen

    Topi Kanninen

    Frontend Developer

    Verneri Rönty

    Verneri Rönty

    Backend Developer


    Tuomas Kaleton

    Tuomas Kaleton


    Get a modern tool for processing surveying data. Locate infrastructure easier with the help of Toteuma

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    y-tunnus: 3353197-5

    Vapaudenkatu 24 A 19, 40100 Jyväskylä

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